Steward Turnbull is a character in the Titanic 2012 miniseries.

During the sinking, he guards the Third-Class gate, preventing anyone from leaving. When Jim Maloney steps in, Turnbull heavily shoves Jim away, and orders everyone to stand back. However, he is attacked, and some passengers escape.

When fireman Mario Sandrini appears on the other side of the closed gate and causes an uproar among the trapped passengers, Turnbull opens the gate and drags him in. All Third Class passengers escape, and Turnbull desperately tries to close it again, but he is pushed to the side and gives up. Meanwhile Sandrini is locked up with the Italians.

Turnbull leaves steerage and tries to get to the deck. Steward Sandrini stops him to ask where the Italians are locked up. Eventually, he reveals where they are. When Sandrini goes to rescue them, Turnbull angrily shouts at him, "You won't get them out! The door is locked! And it'll stay locked, until it hits the ocean bed!!!